Il MELOGRANO, the most important partner of DHARMAFLOS, is a school for professional training and uodating about Naturopathic Bionatural Disciplines.

The goal of IL MELOGRANO is training the operators to be able to learn the philosophy and methodology of work that allow them to set up the activities, starting from the analysis of the problems in the context of the causes that have determined them. Therefore it's possible to defeat in a radical and final way, by only natural remedies, without harmful side effects.


The training is implemented with the global vision of the health of the person.

The activity of Il MELAGRANO includes the promotion of basic and advanced trainings, seminars, conferences and congress on many subjects including: bioenergetic massage, biobalancing massage, lymphatic drainage massage or Ayurvedic massage, reflexology, acupuncture, balance and muscle tone, balance food, makeup.

The continuous and deep updating is a necessary element for Naturopathic Bionatural professionals who want to get a high level of knowledge and enrich the range of services, techniques and methodologies to offer to the public.


Seminar that introduces the Holistic Aesthetics in India